February 6, 2018

Week 6: Curriculum Review


Written by: Melody Xu

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This week, we invited Ravi Smith, who is a recent local high school graduate and member of the Makah tribe intending to study computer science, to join us. For the first part of the session, we presented our detailed day-to-day curriculum, which consisted of goals, activities, reflections, and deliverables. Both teams had a similar curriculum design in terms of the goals for each day. After sharing our curriculums, we presented our Day 0 packages that contain instructions for students to prepare for the first class. The packages enable students to brainstorm their plots, design their characters and backgrounds for the scenes, and create storyboards to show the overall structure of their stories. In addition, each team created a Scratch story demonstrating the end-product of the workshop. The middle school Scratch story contained basic functions and simple user interactions while the high school Scratch story was a more advanced interactive game.

The teams received feedback from Andy, Elena, and Ravi throughout our presentations. We received feedback on how to better phrase each day to better show the goals for each day. In addition, we were suggested to move some topics earlier in the week, so students have time to learn and implement all Scratch functions. We also considered different possibilities and scenarios that might occur while teaching Scratch. For example, we talked about how students may have different experiences in using Scratch and therefore move at different paces. We are working on designing the curriculums to support all students and maximize their learning experience.