February 13, 2018

Week 7: Curriculum Draft


Written by: Josephine Le

Week 7 of winter quarter–so close to spring break, yet so far! This week, we invited Andy Ko, the chair of the Informatics program at the University of Washington. Andy Ko has an esteemed background in computer science and human-computer interaction, especially CS education principles for people of all ages. He was invited to sit in on our weekly meeting to provide feedback on the curriculum plans we’ve developed so far. The high school team and middle school team took turns presenting our weeklong curriculum plans, gathering helpful feedback on how to improve our teachings.

Image 1. The chair of Informatics program, Andy Ko giving insight on each of the teams’ curriculum drafts.

We also had an awesome opportunity come up for us–a chance to pilot our curriculum at Robert Eagle Staff Middle School, located just north of Green Lake. The school is housed on the former site of the American Indian Heritage School. Robert Eagle Staff, a Lakota tribe member from the Dakotas, was the principal of the school in the 90’s. The newer middle school named after him honors his legacy. Rebecca Pleasure, a visual arts teacher at Eagle Staff, has graciously offered us the opportunity to run through our workshop with her students. We hope to shape up our curriculum so we can have a smooth run-through before bringing our work to Neah Bay!

Image 2. Volunteer sign ups to pilot test curriculums at Robert Eagle Staff middle school.