February 20, 2018

Week 8: Rehearsals


Written by: Aylee Neff

T-minus three weeks! Spring break is rapidly approaching and this week we focused on reviewing and iterating on our current curriculum plan. The first day is always the hardest so we spent quite a bit of time ideating on the best way to start the curriculum. Initially, our plan for Day 1 consisted of a series of programming challenges in the Scratch program, jumping in too deep too fast. So, we decided to restructure that day to include some introductions to the ASB team and dedicate time to establishing workshop norms and expectations. Due to these changes, some of the Day 1 content may be pushed to the other days, so we will need to work out the specifics.

We also went over how we could adjust our teaching style to better relate to our workshop participants. For example, word choice is extremely important. If we need to get their collective attention we should avoid using “guys,” maybe “people” instead. Scratch can look juvenile to older people and since we are working with high schoolers it was suggested that we do not use the cat in examples. We learned that basketball is a huge interest in Neah Bay and will work to include it in some of our examples.

Lastly, we went over the logistics of our pilot workshop at Robert Eagle Staff Middle School. On March 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th, we will test run our workshop and current curriculum version with a class of middle school students, here, in Seattle. We organized which team members will attend and run on the days.