February 27, 2018

Week 9: Middle School Rehearsal


Written by: Noelle Merclich
The quarter continues to just fly by. We’re only a couple of weeks away from spring break now! In preparation for our visit to Robert Eagle Staff Middle School, the goal of this week’s meeting was to run through each day of the middle school team’s curriculum to ensure it was as sound as possible. Ultimately, we only managed to run through Day 1 on Tuesday, but it still provided a lot of meaningful feedback to be implemented by both teams. Some of which included having a separate person from the presenter manipulate the computer, using the built-in camera for each student to load in their sprites themselves, and remembering to project. Runthrough of the other days went incredibly well and took place at additional meeting times.
Thursday and Friday of this week also served as the first two days of our rehearsal at Robert Eagle Staff. The two visits were incredibly eye-opening in terms of the challenges we could potentially face at Neah Bay.