March 6, 2018

Week 10: Revisions (Happy Birthday Andy!)


Written by: Jonathan Cole

group picture

This week, we focused on iterating on our previous workshop designs based on our experiences testing out the middle school curriculum. We collected thoughts and notes from each member to get a general idea of what needed to change. One important change we wanted was to streamline the way students learned the basics of Scratch so they could spend more time exploring and creating their stories. It was important to us that students had enough time to fully realize their stories and create an artifact they could show off to their peers. To accomplish this, both teams attempted to find ways to cut back on the time spent during the first two days.

Both the middle school and high school teams chose to replace their current curriculum with the “Name Game”. This activity would allow students to immediately begin exploring or messing around with Scratch, which both groups believed would be beneficial to creating interest. It would also allow us to teach more advanced skills on the next days, since students would have a solid foundation of the basics. We also began to consider how much studio time students would need with their story – we weren’t satisfied with the time students had during the practice run, and wanted to be sure they could devote the majority of the week to completing their story.

On a side note, it was Andy’s birthday and the team wanted to do something special for him so we surprised him with cake, made by Elena.