March 13, 2018

Finals Week: Final Prep


Written by: Nathan Young

With our Neah Bay trip approaching quickly, it was time to hunker down and iron out the details of our curricula. Unfortunately, with finals looming on the horizon, there was no worse time to add more meetings and work sessions. However, our dedicated ASB team decided to sacrifice our dwindling hours of study time for the sake of our lesson plans. The Middle and High School teams split apart to run through our “dress rehearsal” curricula. Rapidly iterating on our curricula, we spent most of the week huddled in Sieg hall to critique and improve our plan of attack.

This week in particular reminded us all of how difficult of a job our educators have in preparing our lessons. With a newfound appreciation for our past teachers and professors, tired minds, and excited spirits, we were finally prepared to test our hard work against the reality of a school classroom. While neither curriculum was perfect (is there such a thing?), we were very proud of our work and eager to finish finals so we could head out to the beautiful Neah Bay.