January 30, 2019

Week 3: Brainstorming Project Themes


Written by: Jordan Kussmann

We started off by viewing the schedule for the middle and high school workshops. Before this, we were basing our curriculum decisions on assumptions, but this new information provides us with another constraint as well as a sense of security. Unfortunately, we will be spending less time with the students than we were expecting. Along with that, we found out that there will be three middle school classes and one high school class to do our workshops with. This gives the high school workshop leaders more free time during the workshops compared to the middle school workshop leaders, so we lightly ideated ways to balance the situation.

Figure 1. Middle School schedule

To give both groups a better understanding of how our current curriculum was turning out, we split into our groups and presented our proposals to the others for feedback. While presenting our curriculum, our facilitator Arpita, began adding sticky notes on topics that could be explored further through an affinity diagram. For additional curriculum feedback, an ASB alum from last year, Melody Xu, joined us for this meeting and gave us her perspectives and ideas.

After flushing out our curriculum ideas, we dove into our learning objectives for both the middle school and high school students. With the feedback of our curriculum and identifying our learning objectives, we broke up into our groups for further workshop ideation.

Figure 2. Shared moments

We ended our meeting with each of the groups coming up with three different potential projects for the students to complete. As homework, the middle school and high school groups split up into pairs to complete the proposed projects to determine feasibility.  

Figure 3. Three project themes of the Middle School team

Figure 4. Project themes of the High School team