January 30, 2019

Week 4: Project Proposals


Written by: Jonathan Cole

We began with a review of the high school’s schedule and the type of class we’ll be working with for each period (ex. Physics class). We verified that the high school team would have regular class sizes of 15-20, so they could plan for a full class. We also discussed miscellaneous information about how the week would be planned.

Afterwards, we went through the proposals each 2-person team had created from last week and offered feedback on each project that we were planning to offer to students. Our goal was to refine existing concepts so that they were well-planned enough to send to Neah Bay teachers. We hoped the teachers would give us a better idea of which of these projects appealed to their classes. Project concepts included tag, remote controlled cars, wearables, animal sensors, and robots.

Finally, we split into teams to consider how to refine our overall curriculum and each individual project. To maintain a good pace, we planned to have prototypes of each project completed for our next meeting.

Figure 1. High School team’s curriculum plan


Figure 2. We finally got everyone together to get our group picture!