February 17, 2019

Week 6: Demos


Written by: Valerie Remaker

In Week 5, classes were cancelled due to snow day. Due to another snow day, we meet on Wednesday in week 6 instead of Tuesday.

We started the night by doing demos of each of the curriculum projects for each pair of two. We focused on being able to talk about the functionality of code before talking about the actual algorithm and code. The first middle school team showed their demo on tracking the number of birds that arrive at a feeder based upon the accelerometer. They also discussed other ideas they were brainstorming but didn’t prototype. The second middle school team showed their demo on cardboard creatures using cardboard and the CPE, which moves forward when it is hit with a bright light or when you press a button. There is a lot of ways to customize this project for multiple interests. We discussed applying our projects to Neah Bays focus on woodworking for these robotic creatures. The third middle school group showed their sports wearable idea and demonstrated the step counter, working to understand the pulse detector. Both team’s introduction to CPE involves a game of hot potato.


The high school group showed their demos next. The car group showed their demo first. They had a MacGyvered demo  of a small car put together on a breadboard using bottle-cap-wheels. We discussed different adaptations to control the cars, for example, autonomous versus remote controlled. The second high school group demoed a tag game, where buttons and infrared are used to tag other players and change lives/ points. They also connected light displays to neopixels.