February 24, 2019

Week 7: Curriculum Planning & Materials


Written by: Rachel Rodney

Most of today’s meeting was spent with each group demonstrating their work, and then getting feedback on them. We started with the team working on wearable for high school students demonstrating their project. They share three possibilities of using a t-shirt with conductive thread, paper with conductive copper tape, and paper with conductive paint (which can also be used on clothing material). After discussions, they chose to lean more towards the paint or tape options, as they are more feasible in a short amount of time than sewing conductive thread.

The high school team then shared their slides for Day 1, walking us through how to code their hot potato game. We discussed potential complications with their code. The middle school team also shared their code for Hot Potato for Day 1. After further considerations, we decided to go with the simplified version of Hot Potato as a Day 1 project, or something like the Name Game. Our exact plans are yet to be determined. Afterwards, each team from both high school and middle school shared their curriculum plans and handouts. As a group we critiqued each other. All teams also discussed their curriculum plan for each day at Neah Bay.

We also discussed how students are going to save their code on MakeCode. We discussed options of teachers making accounts, having a spreadsheet and Google Forms where students could paste a link to their code at the end of each day.

In the end, we split into our individual focus groups for work time.

Figure 1: Handouts for Cardboard Critters (left), Hot Potato (center), and Connecting the CPE with Flora Neopixels (right)