March 21, 2019

Week 8-10: Build, Test, Iterate


Written by:  Srinithi S and Ivan Montero

Feb 26, week 8: The High School team had a debrief session on their pilot with Chick Tech and discussed what they might change in their curriculum for Neah Bay. There were some hardware issues that needed to be worked through. Later, the group split to make progress on the sub-projects and MS team started preparing teaching material for their pilot with Robert Eagle Staff Middle (RES) School. The Middle School team planned their schedule to teach in RES and decided to teach two classes of 6th graders on Thursday and Friday. Laura and Valerie took charge to meet the teacher from RES to get initial feedback and plan logistics.

March 5, week 9: The Middle School team did a rehearsal run of their Day 1 presentation and getting feedback on it. Valerie led a live demo of the Hot Potato game. One concern that was brought up was when to present the different project options: before introducing hot potato or after. Another concern was figuring out how to hook the students to get interested in learning coding. The third concern was figuring out how to best explain concepts and setting up the hardware. The coding concepts of hot potato game seemed to be complex for  Middle School children and Andy encouraged the team to  have more modular and tangible lesson plan instead of Hot Potato. Towards the end, they decided to find a project that explains the different inputs  using the metaphor of a “bug” that responds to different input or stimuli on the CPE instead of doing the hot potato demo. The pilot at RES Middle School was scheduled for week 10, Thursday and Friday. The High School team worked on fixing the IR sensors and attaching CPEs to boards. 

Figure 1: Middle School team planning the story of a CPE “bug” responding to different input or stimuli

March 12, week 10: Today, the directed research group met in a different place than usual: the MILL! We mainly surveyed our progress so far, and assessed what was needed before we head to the Neah Bay, in a couple of weeks. The High School team took inventory of all the hardware we had currently, and updated the shopping list according to each project’s needs. The Middle School team began preparation for their upcoming pilot at Robert Eagle Staff Middle School on Thursday and Friday, and discussed the logistics thereof. The Bird Monitor team (Laura and Jordan) changed their project to scavenger hunt type of game where the students can collect different “badges” depending on different inputs to light up each CPE neopixel. Additionally, Andy ended up discussing with the High School team, questioning whether Hot Potato as a starter activity would be appropriate, and tried brainstorming other possible activities. The laser tag team iterated on their hardware to use the distance sensor instead of the IR as the IR sensor was unreliable. 

Figure 2: An iterated version of the remote controlled car with the CRICKIT and a distance sensor mounted in the front