March 22, 2019

Finals Week Prep: When it all comes together…


Written by: Arpita Bhattacharya

In the finals week, everyone met on Tuesday and Thursday between 6 pm and 9 pm and countless other times online and offline to plan logistics and finish up iterations.

Beginning of the week, Andy ordered all the hardware we need for Neah Bay. Some teams had to figure out a plan and curriculum for day 3 or even day 1, debug code, and test hardware. High School team led by Noelle and Aylee worked through changing their Day 1 Hot Potato curriculum to a simpler code for making a Dice using the CPX. They added options to customize it based on different inputs.

On Tuesday, we worked with each team to figure out next steps. Jordan led everyone to create a table during the meeting with the entire curriculum (Figure 1) and added “To-do” items for each team. We figured out a tentative plan for the showcase and decided to do rotations in batches of 30-40 students to accommodate the hardware. We even planned a shopping list for food and chef teams for cooking in Neah Bay.

On Thursday, we felt confident and almost ready with each team clear on what they needed to do. We worked out a few more logistics, got some HCDE swag, planned some games for the trip, and Andy sorted all the hardware to load it in the vans for Saturday.

We are very impressed with the work of our students throughout this quarter. It is a wonderful, creative, and hard working group of students and it has been a lot of fun working with them. As this will be my first time in Neah Bay, I am very excited to be a part of this meaningful experience and see our students teach and mentor (and maybe have some roasted marshmallows for the first time). Based on my experience at the pilot workshops, it can only get better. Looking forward to next week. 🙂

Figure 1: The entire curriculum plan for Neah Bay for all teams