April 9, 2017

Workshop Week: Andy’s Notes


Written by Andy Davidson Day 0: Sunday — Traveling to Neah Bay Yesterday at our last team meeting before leaving Seattle, we did a lot of logistical planning, tech stuff with tablets, and a final run-through of the teaching curriculum for the week. Not all of the details are worked out, but the plan is…

Workshop Week: Day 5


Day 5: Final Presentations & Assembly Written by Karin Vaughan Our last day in Neah Bay. We started the day off with a big egg-and-pancake breakfast at the cabins before cleaning and packing up. After we left our cabins for the last time, we took a trip to visit the Makah Cultural Museum in Neah…

Workshop Week: Community Dinner


Written by Michael Fernandes I think we all went into community dinner night with no expectations. Going into the night, energy levels were high. We had just wrapped up the workshops we did for Day 4. Students had prototypes generated and our team was impressed with how far students had came. Walking into the community…

Workshop Week: Day 4


Day 4: Presentations & Iteration Written by Samantha Gil Vargas This week has been full of many eye-opening experiences, but on this day we got to see all of the hard work the students put in come to a final conclusion. The students started off by looking back on Day 3 and seeing what they could…

Workshop Week: Day 3


Day 3: Prototyping Written by Lydia Davison No offense to the other days, but the Wednesday class periods were by far the best! The middle schoolers focused on prototyping their mobile apps and iterating on their mobile apps. The excitement and passion that each of the students had for physically creating their app and making it…

Workshop Week: Day 2


Day 2: Scenario & Wireframes Written by Valerie Najera I joined this directed research group (DRG) because I wanted to have the opportunity to provide students with options that could inform students about different career paths. So when I heard the sixth grade students use words like “wireframes” and “users,” it brought so much joy…

Workshop Week: Day 1


Day 1: Create User & Design Goal Written by Leyla Ibrahim   “EXHILARATING!” – Leyla “EXCITING!” – Lydia “WOOOOH!” – Fern “A LOT!” – Valerie “AMAZING!” – Karin “GREAT!” – Sam If we were to describe our first day in one word, that’s exactly what we would say. We came into Neah Bay Middle School…

March 27, 2017

Week 10: Final Preparation


Written by Andy Davidson I love the last week of the quarter. Students call it “Dead Week,” not because there is nothing going on, but because they are dead tired finishing all of their course work before finals. The last week always puts me in a good mood, seeing everyone wrapping up projects, attending final…

March 18, 2017

Week 9: Conference Call with Teachers


Written by Lydia Davison As we begin gearing up for our week in Neah Bay, we’ve had the wonderful opportunity to conference call the teachers that we would be working with during our time in Neah Bay. We had written up an introduction to user research and created a template for the students to follow…

March 15, 2017

Week 8: Curriculum


Written by Karin Vaughan Throughout the quarter, we have been defining and refining our curriculum plans. We did this by first deciding which deliverables we wanted accomplished each day, then assigning days to 2 or 3 HCDE students. These groups then outlined how the curriculum would look for the given day in order to accomplish…

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