Hulk Security

Bringing automotive security to the mobile world.

“A security device that notifies you via SMS and/or e-mail if motion is detected inside your car, it also provides the GPS location of the car.”

Daniel Martinez Villa
Description The idea of the HULK is that whoever has it in a car, this is protected if someone breaks in, the HULK (Arduino microcontroller) will send an alert to the car owner notifying that something is going on inside the car. When a user receives the notification, the HULK would have sent the GPS coordinates obtained from the GPS shield.The main idea is that with the current existing technology loud noisy car alarms go off and yet a car owner is not notified that there is a threat. The Hulk prototype allows car owners to be in-synced with their cars. Solving a latent need for car owners.

With the current timeframe in this project, what I have accomplished is creating a prototype that has a motion sensor that once it is triggered, the Arduino will send a text message and/or e-mail to a car owner, also it will send the most recent GPS location of the device.

System Diagram
Implementation The PIR motion sensor, a Red LED, XBee #1 and the GPS shield are connected to the Arduino microcontroller.When the PIR motion sensor is trigger, it lights up the Red LED, which tells XBee #1 to send data to XBee #2 that motion has been detected.

XBee #2 is connected to a serial port (USB Port) with a FTDI cable in a computer. There is a Python script running and it is continuously listening for specific data. Therefore, when XBee #1 has sent a notification to XBee #2. The server (computer) will execute the script, which sends a SMS and/or e-mail to which the user would like to be informed if motion has been detected inside the car.

The notification message a user receives is the following:
“Hulk Alert, motion has been detected inside your car.
GPS Coordinates:
###.####, ###.####”

If the PIR motion sensor has still detected motion within the last minute since last time. The python serial will send another notification. If not motion was detected again, then it will not send any notification.

The GPS shield has a micro SD card in it, which can be set up to log the GPS coordinates when motion is detected. This is to keep a record where incidents have happen.

Due time and other limitations, one feature is missing. The camera. Having the GPS location, and the notification when motion is detected inside a car is not enough. Further development of this prototype will work on adding a camera, a LCD display, and some buttons to control certain things such as status of GPS, changing phone numbers or email and some others.

This prototype was built from a previous project I worked on during my interaction design class. The focus was more on the HULK app. You can find more information here.

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