A3: Video Prototype

Product Demo

The subject of this assignment is a video prototype that demonstrates clearly and effectively (and creatively) the functionality of a product. Think of this as concise product pitch that you might use in seeking an investor for your design, which likely does not yet exist in more than concept or rough mockup.

12-directorchairThe challenge is to create a video, between 1 and 2 minutes in length, that comprehensively and concisely communicates the motivation, usage, and functionality of a product or service. You should use the principles and techniques discussed in studio to develop a scenario for this demonstration, sketch out a storyboard for the video, shoot, edit and package it.

For the subject of the video prototype, you have two choices:

  • Reuse one of your earlier prototypes (paper or model assignment, or one of the in-class exercises). Remake the video you already shot for one of the assignments, but focus on the functionality and design, and exclude the user testing.
  • Create a brand new product idea and develop a demonstration scenario for it.

Use whatever level of video technology and software you are comfortable with or have reasonable access to. Consider this an exercise in setting and embracing constraints. In still photography, art can be made with a cardboard box pinhole camera or a toy plastic camera. (I love my Holga and took a great workshop with Michelle Bates using it.) Fancy tools can’t make good work out of nothing. You can succeed in this with your phone camera if you’re clever. If you want to check out a fancy camera and buy Final Cut Pro, go for it.

Submit the following:

  • The Video: You can upload a video or give a URL to an online version.