This section describes the steps you’ll need to complete to prepare for your clinical rotation at Harborview.

Student nurses who have not completed the training and provided the documentation will be considered non-compliant and may forfeit their opportunity for a clinical experience.

School Responsibilities

Schools are responsible to submit documentation to Harborview as requested prior to the quarter. This will include the User Access documentation necessary to assign computer accounts, the Consortium passport, and the signed Privacy, Confidentiality and Information Security Agreement  for each student and instructor.

Student/Instructor Responsibilities

­Step 1: Set up computer accounts. Before you can access Harborview computer applications, you will need to set up two network computer accounts. The UW NetID account provides access to University of Washington tools (such as online training and quizzes), while the UW Medicine (AMC) account provides access to Medical Center tools and applications (such as Harborview’s intranet and electronic patient records.) Please note that the email for these accounts should not be forwarded to your personal email account. Students and instructors will receive notification and instructions when their computer accounts have been created and are ready to be set up. Accounts will need to be set up before the online training can be completed, and must be in place before students come to in-person orientation. Settings and directions are described here. For questions and problems contact the IT Services Help Desk at 206.543.7012.

Step 2: Complete the required training modules. Students and instructors are required to complete certain LMS modules on an annual basis.

  • These modules include:
    • Nursing Student Module (Please complete this first)
    • Annual Refresher (previously titled Annual Competencies) (unless already completed in a staff role)
    • 4 POCT modules:
      • POCT Accucheck RN
    • HIPAA Compliance
      • Select the “Patient Care Staff” curriculum track, if prompted
  • To complete these modules, go to https://lms.uwmedicine.org and log on using your UWNetID. Click “Launch LMS” and see your “To Do List.” Click the “Start” button to launch them.
  • HIPAA will be included in your LMS modules, unless we have a valid completion already logged for you.
  • For technical support, contact the UW Medicine ITS Help Desk at 206-543-7012 (24-hour service) or via e-mail at mcsos@u.washington.edu. For all other questions or assistance, contact HMCnewRN@u.washington.edu.
  • You are expected to have the modules complete at 4 p.m. two days before the orientation (e.g. Sunday afternoon at 4 for a Tuesday morning orientation).

­Step 3: Attend orientation. Please note: Nursing students who are also Harborview employees (Nurse Techs, HAs, MAs, etc.) must attend orientation. Because of regulatory and institutional policies, students and instructors must attend this session every quarter. EHR training as a nursing student will only be required once per year, you will be informed if you can waive computer training when you receive your account setup email.

You will be registered in the LMS for your in-person and EHR orientations and will receive notifications to your UW email. The dates, times and locations will be included.

Students and instructors are all expected to meet the same requirements.

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