Component 5 — Building a Prostate Cancer Network

With the creation of the IPCR, the Seattle area has become a nexus for prostate cancer research and care. This is an advantage for the men who can travel to Seattle to receive care or participate
in clinical trials. But what about the men who cannot?
We plan to address this challenge by building a statewide Prostate Cancer Network, with Seattle
as the hub. The network will allow us to recruit participants to new ACT-SMART studies,
genetic studies and prevention studies. It also will act as a two-way conduit, enhancing research
by increasing patient participation and speeding the delivery of promising new approaches to
men across the state.
There are multiple and significant benefits to this plan.

  • First, network member organizations will be able to offer more and better options to their patients, so that men can receive up-to-the-minute care in their own communities rather than having to travel long distances to the closest medical center.
  • Second: the network will allow the IPCR to offer thousands more men the ability to participate in clinical trials than is possible today. Finally, researchers will gain access to a larger and more diverse patient population for conducting studies and tracking patient outcomes.

Expanding upon Seattle Cancer Care Alliance’s network as well as our experience in recruiting large numbers of research participants, the IPCR will partner with regional medical centers and prostate cancer caregivers to establish Washington as a national model for accelerating research and improving care.