Component 6 — Engaging Our Communities

The creation of the Prostate Cancer Network will be an important step in helping men across the state who are at risk for prostate cancer, or who already have the disease. However, the success of the Prostate Cancer Network depends upon participation, and we believe that participation is enhanced through knowledge and partnerships.
The IPCR will ensure that men and their families, through well-planned community outreach,
will learn about the advantages of becoming part of the network.

  • First, the IPCR will: Develop an interactive portfolio that provides information (in lay language) concerning state-of-the-art approaches for prostate cancer prevention and treatment, Provide information on ongoing prostate cancer research and clinical treatment studies — not only to encourage participation in clinical research, but also to empower men as they face complicated decisions about their care, and Work to provide patient-focused programming, such as educational programs on UWTV, local and regional outreach, and an annual public symposium on prostate cancer research and clinical care.
  • Second, the IPCR will cultivate participation in the Prostate Cancer Network through physician education and by: Establishing formal relationships with regional medical centers, beginning with those in the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance’s network and the UW Medicine health system, and then expanding throughout the state and region, Conducting physician outreach events at medical centers, Participating in regional and national conferences, and Providing physicians with educational materials to help educate and recruit patients to research studies.