The K12 Program requires a minimum commitment of 75% FTE (9 calendar months) of the K12 Scholar’s full-time professional effort and provides a salary of $100,000 plus corresponding benefits for a period of up to 3 years. The 75% minimum effort commitment includes time devoted to pursuing their K12 research project and complementary career development activities, including the programmatic elements of the K12 program. Each K12 Scholar’s home department, school, or institution will
be required to provide institutional support for any scholar whose salary support for their committed effort exceeds the $100,000 salary support provided by the program.

In addition to salary support, K12 Scholars will also receive up to $1500/year of travel support toward attendance and participation in professional meetings and conferences. Each K12 Scholar will also be allocated $12,500 in research development support funding per year and will be provided with tuition assistance funds if approved by the Program Directors.

Continued funding beyond the first year is contingent on availability of funding as well as adequate progress.