Birdie Harvey

My name is Alberta Harvey, but most people know me as Birdie. I am a proud member of the Yakama Nation with my family stemming from Whitefoot Canyon. I am a part of a large, loving family of mixed backgrounds. Born a Seattleite, with a deep admiration for the land, I will always call the Pacific Northwest home.

This September will be my second-year as a student at the University of Washington with goals to attain my Bachelors in Business Management/Human Resources from the Foster School of Business. I am enjoying being able to explore a wide range of discipline at the University as I am prepping myself for business school. Currently I am undecided on a specific career I would like to have post-graduation, but I am excited that my path is open for any opportunities that come my way.

In my free time, you’ll find me outside with a book in hand. I am very connected to my local native community on and off campus. I also tend to work with (native and non-native) urban youth in various programs across Seattle.

This trip to Aotearoa New Zealand is my first study aboard program. I have always desired to visit Oceania and have had a strong fascination with Maori Culture; I find Indigenous cultures endlessly intriguing. The second I heard about this trip through the American Indian Studies department I eagerly hopped on the opportunity. I aspire to learn how other indigenous people deal with the effects of colonization while implementing culture and environment revitalization. I want to learn about the similar and different perspectives on various issues, customs and ways of being. Having the privileged opportunity of exchanging knowledge and sharing experiences with the Maori peoples about Indigenous life is something I’m so honored to be a part of. I’m looking forward to sharing all my findings and experiences back home, with my campus and family communities.


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