Eunice Lee

Kia Ora!

My name is Eunice Lee. Growing up, my family moved to a new country every few years. I am a Korean American born in California. I have lived in New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, China, and the Philippines; and am currently majoring in Environmental Studies at the University of Washington.

My identity revolves around my upbringing, the culture and people of each country introduced new beliefs and perspectives that have shaped who I am. It has also influenced how I think and approach other people. Having experienced multiple countries seems to make it easier for me to connect with and understand different people. The combination of the difference experiences from each country has added layers to my identity.

My blogs will document some of my experiences here in New Zealand throughout the three weeks here. I lived in Christchurch from the ages of 4 to 8, so it has been thirteen years since I left the country. As a child, I saw New Zealand as a country with an abundance of grassland and nature. I’ve always felt a strong attachment to New Zealand and have felt intrigued and fascinated by Māori culture. I am extremely excited to be back and am looking forward to re-immersing myself into everything Aotearoa has to offer. Gaining insight and experiencing everything from a different perspective, I hope to learn in-depth about The Treaty of Waitangi, and how that impacts the Māori today in regards to land and the environment as it is a crucial element to Māori culture. As an Environmental Studies major, I am interested in laws and policies regarding land and water use. Moreover, by getting to talk to people and visiting different places, I aim to reflect on how colonization has shaped Māori identity and life.

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