Janilla Lucilla Augofie

Me modeling for a Hawaiian project for Cornish Arts College.

Talofa Lava, my name is Janilla Lucilla Augofie. I am double majoring in American Ethnic Studies and Medical Anthropology and Global Health at the University of Washington. I am Pacific Islander. My mother and my father come from a village in Samoa called Sapanoa. I was born and raised in Washington. I graduated from Federal Way High School and there I had my first experience being a part of a Pacific Islanders Club. I branched out and joined the boards of Pacific Islander communities and conferences like UPRISE, Poly Day, and RISE. These conferences and organizations had a huge impact on my passions in life. I was president of the Polynesian Student Alliance 2015-2016, and am currently the treasurer. I was a tutor in the Polynesian Outreach Program for high school students that lived in areas that showed low statistics in high school graduations.  I led a workshop in UPRISE a conference for Pacific Islander students teaching them about the importance of higher education while encouraging them to be proud of their culture through these systems. I have worked with many high schools throughout Washington for Poly Day. An annual event held by the University of Washington that also reaches out to high school students about the significance of education. I am also a part of a Research group called Research Family at the Burke Museum. At the Burke we decolonize institutions by reconnecting the objects back with their communities. This trip to Aotearoa means the world to me. It not only allows me to connect with the indigenous Maoris of Aotearoa, but also the intersecting history of my Pacific heritage and pasefika in general. I get to emerge myself into the experiences of Pacific Islanders in another country and the problems the Maori face in their lands. I get to make note of their sovereignty and successes with breaking through systems in society that weren’t built for the indigenous. I can take their successes back to America and start try and implement them in the systems that we have in society. This trip to New Zealand will and has opened my mind and broadened my horizons.

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  1. Dr Hirini Kaa

    Tena koe Janilla.

    Greetings to you and to your people. It is so good to hear that you can draw strength from your experiences here in Aotearoa and take them home to your people and your works.

    Kia kaha, kia u, kia manawanui – be strong, be bold, be of stout heart.

    Nga mihi,



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