Dr. Josh Reid (co-director)

A member of the Snohomish Indian Nation, I am an associate professor of History and American Indian Studies at the University of Washington. My research agenda largely focuses on Indigenous marine space, although I am interested in a wide range of intersecting research fields, including Indigenous peoples, the North American West, Pacific worlds, US history, and environmental history. Yale University Press recently published my first book, The Sea Is My Country: The Maritime World of the Makahs, in the Henry Roe Cloud Series for American Indians and Modernity.

Cake made by a Makah community member in honor of my book.

This examines the Makah Nation’s historical relationship with the ocean. I am currently researching a project about indigenous explorers in the Pacific Ocean, specifically focusing on those individuals who voluntarily traveled throughout the Pacific from the late eighteenth through late nineteenth centuries. At the UW, I teach courses in American Indian history, history of the North American West, and environmental history.

This is my first study abroad program that I have directed. I have been to Aotearoa New Zealand three previous times, twice to do research on Māori connections to marine spaces and, most recently, to do some of the groundwork to set up this study abroad program. I am excited to connect our students to local Māori communities, leaders, scholars, and activists in order to give them a unique experience they might not otherwise get if they just traveled to Aotearoa on their own. My first trip to Aotearoa over ten years ago was critical for my development as an Indigenous scholar, and I hope to provide our students with a similar transformational experience.