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April 15, 2016

The role of libraries in student retention – a few readings

Amanda Hornby

UW students, credit: KPLU

UW students, credit: KPLU

Megan Oakleaf’s 2010 Value of Academic Libraries report has become a foundational source for understanding how academic libraries can define and measure our value to students, faculty and the academic institutions we are a part of. There have been several studies since 2010 that look at the role of libraries in student persistence and retention. I have included several readings on the topic of student retention both here at UW and at academic libraries.

Report on student retention at the UW:

Beyer, C., Davis-Unger, A., Lowell, N., Mcghee, D., & Peterson, J. (2014). UW Undergraduate Retention and Graduation Study. University of Washington Office of Educational Assessment, 1-80. Retrieved from https://www.washington.edu/assessment/reports/student-progress

Readings on connecting library instruction and library use to student persistence and retention:

Bowles-Terry, M. (2012). Library instruction and academic success: A mixed – methods assessment of a library instruction program. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 7(1), 82-95.

Hardenburg, W. (2014). The Long and Winding Road: Connecting Library Instruction to Student Persistence. Assessment in Action. Retrieved from https://apply.ala.org/aia/docs/project/5353.

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Wong, S. H. R., & Cmor, D. (September 2011). Measuring Association between Library Instruction and Graduation GPA. College & Research Libraries, 72(5), 464-473.