Registering for Undergraduate Classes

CEE undergraduates have priority to register for CEE undergraduate classes (numbered 400 or lower). If you wish to register for an undergraduate class in the CEE department, (be sure it is allowed by your area degree requirements) and submit the online request for an Add Code (*See Note below). The link to the Add Code request form is found at the top of the UW Time Schedule page for Autumn 2016:

*Note: Non-thesis students do not need an Add Code for 400 level classes if they are offered through PCE.  To view classes available Autumn quarter through PCE, go to:

By submitting the online Add Code request, you will be put on the waitlist so after undergraduates have registered, you will be able to register as long as there is still room in the class.  If the class is a required class for your area, we will do everything possible to be sure you get in.

Non-thesis students may take classes that are not offered through PCE, and also in other departments, as long as they are approved as part of the electives for your area.  We are in the process of updating the degree requirements and course electives, this should be available sometime in the next few months.  You can find the list of courses to be offered next year on our website.


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