Registration Requirements for RA/TA’s

Just a reminder, as your RA or TA offer letter should have stated, you will need to be registered for a minimum of 10 credits (which is considered full-time for a graduate student) during Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters in order to be eligible for your RA/TA appointment. Summer quarter only 2 credits are required.

Registration for Non-thesis Students

If you have been admitted to the non-thesis master’s program (construction engineering students, disregard this post, it does not apply to you), then you will not register through MyUW, but will register through PCE (Professional and Continuing Education). You cannot register until you have received your registration form. Each quarter you will be sent a registration form by PCE. Course fees and student fees are due at time of registration for students in the non-thesis program (except construction engineering students).

Selecting Your Courses

Below is a link to our website that you may find helpful in planning your schedule for the year.

The CEE Projected Course Offerings for 2016-2017 lists all the CEE courses that are scheduled to be taught this upcoming year. It shows the quarter and instructor.
(This list is subject to change.)

The Autumn 2016 Preliminary Time Schedule shows more detail, including the day/time the class will be offered.

Future quarters of the Preliminary Time Schedule will be posted as they become available.

Master’s students, you should have received your master’s program plan from us. When planning your course schedule, be sure to refer to it to insure you are meeting your area degree requirements.

2016 TA/RA Conference

Students who will be holding a TA or RA appointment during the 2016-2017 academic year, or a fellowship with the likely-hood of doing research or working as a Teaching Assistant, are expected to attend the TA/RA Conference, see below for details.

The 2016 TA/RA Conference will be held:

International TA Conference: Friday, September 16.

2016 TA/RA Conference:  Monday and Tuesday, September 19-20.

For more information regarding the conference, go to:

Lorna Latal
Graduate Program Advisor
Civil & Environmental Engineering
University of Washington
201 More Hall / Box 352700
Seattle, WA  98195-2700

GAIP Information for RA’s and TA’s

If you would like more information regarding the insurance plan for RA’s and TA’s, please go to the following website:

For coverage periods and enrollment deadlines, go to:

If you are an international student who has an RA appointment for autumn quarter, when you register you’ll need to select the ISHIP option. Then when your appointment is entered in the payroll system for autumn quarter it will switch to GAIP and you will not be charged for ISHIP.


Lorna Latal
Graduate Program Advisor
Civil & Environmental Engineering
University of Washington
201 More Hall / Box 352700
Seattle, WA  98195-2700

CEE Incoming Student Facebook Group

We wanted to let you know we have created a Facebook group for all incoming CEE graduate students. We will invite you to join the group in the near future. You can accept that (or not), it is totally voluntary.

Incoming students who were in the Bachelor program here may be particularly helpful in answering questions about campus life, Seattle, good neighborhoods, places to visit, etc.

We hope you will find it useful and give you a chance to get to know other incoming students before you get here.

In September, before autumn quarter starts,  you will be invited to join the Facebook group for current CEE grad students, which is open to all incoming and continuing grad students.

Jennifer and Lorna

Graduate Advisors


CEE Department Welcome Event – Oct. 5

The CEE Department will be hosting a departmental “Welcome” event for all incoming students (grads and undergrads) on Wednesday, October 5, 4:00 – 6:30 PM, in the HUB North Ballroom

This is a great opportunity to see what is going on in the department, not just in your particular area of interest. Faculty from the areas will show an overview of some of the current research. It’s an exciting time to be a part of CEE, great things are happening here that impact the Puget Sound area, and the world!

Some of the time will be interactive “fair” format with student organizations including ASCE (including locker rental info), Chi Epsilon and Engineers Without Borders, as well as Study Abroad opportunities and the College of Engineering Career Center.

All incoming students (undergraduate and graduate) are invited to attend. Mark your calendar now!

Registration for Research Master’s/PhD Students

Students who are in the research track (master’s thesis or PhD) will register through MyUW. Registration begins June 20th for students new to the UW.

Updated 2016 Master’s Degree Program Plans, which contains degree requirements, will be available on our department website in the next few months.  Watch for an announcement when those are posted. You can review the CEE Projected Course Offerings 2016-2017 and the Autumn 2016 Preliminary Time Schedule on our website at:

The Projected Course Offerings document shows all classes to be offered during the 2016-2017 academic year, the quarter and instructor. The Autumn 2016 Preliminary Time Schedule shows more detail for that quarter, including day/time/location.

PhD degree requirements can be found on our website at:

The Autumn 2016 UW Time Schedule is now available online at:

If you have any questions, please contact Lorna Latal (