Registration forms for Non-Thesis Master’s Students

Updated registration forms for Autumn quarter have been sent out. Note: This post is for students in the Non-Thesis Master’s program (except for Construction Engineering students – you will register through MyUW, you will not receive a registration form).

If you have not received the registration form, please check your spam folder. If you still did not receive the form, please let Jennifer Ross know at

I’ve also sent out program plans for the different areas and the seminar requirements. Please let me know if you need those as well if you did not receive them.

Students have been asking about when payment of course fees are due. Course fee payments are due at the time of registration. So if you are waiting to register, I would register for your classes sooner rather than later. We try to accommodate student’s class choices but we can’t always predict the popularity of a class. We also can’t predict the number of students that are outside of the department who may be interested in our courses.

Other Cost Estimates (living expenses, book, etc.)

Below are estimated costs for a graduate students from the Graduate School website (not counting tuition/course fees or student fees). Note: Health Insurance will be provided if you are an RA/TA or on a fellowship through the UW payroll system and receiving a stipend of at least $800/month.

Expenses Academic Year (9 Months) Calendar Year (12 Months)
Health Insurance (required) $1,200.00 $1,500.00
Room and Board $14,625.00 $19,500.00
Books and Supplies $1,236.00 $1,652.00
Local Transportation $1,296.00 $1,728.00
Personal Expenses $2,265.00 $3,020.00
TOTAL (U.S. dollars) $20,622.00 $27,400.00


Online ISS Information Session for International Students

International Students must complete the pre-arrival and post-arrival checklists as well as complete the online ISS Information Session prior to registration.

ISS Pre-Arrival Checklist:

ISS Post-Arrival Checklist:

UW Net ID and Password are required to access the online system.


Welcome to CEE!


This blog is intended for students who have been admitted to the Civil & Environmental Engineering graduate program.  We will address some of the most common questions here, and will be adding updates during the next few months.

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