Planetary Dragonfly

Origin planets orbiting sky stars ancient entheogen physics mystic melodic clock purple forest majesty- Spreading Frequency beautiful deeply planetary Dragonfly nature Consciousness Psychedelic mind-Carbon based forms Interstellar space Emotions Mindfulness Solitude At peace Earth’s orbit here- Frequency gaze up to heavens Magic stepping into light Everything is energy Remove your Negative thoughts- Cosmic celestial kaleidoscope- Whales Holy, holy, holy -Carbon based Life forms- Deep mind sea-Dark matter seer-Rain in Forest- Rare lunar Event- Coming Ambient Occlusion Symbol-Genetic choir music- Crow cawcawcaw- Robot heart soul beautiful- Psychedelic sunrise universe- Deep Mindreal world- In depth every day is a magical day- White Carnegie Hyacinth shimmering- Mercy me a Gleaner- Bliss sound of cosmos- Today at seashore I felt oneness- On front yard grass young crow- Standing in winter stream crow sips water- Scraping ice on car window- Heard solar storm Consciousness- Fairy tale of wheat grains- Illusionary- Muse art land of jasmine- Mars light energy Voltage- Mind deep trance formation – June thunder and lightning- Sunshine superman.

Take My Blues Away

Take my blues away, Poem summer long ago, Breeze brought smells rosemary and basil, Windows of perception glowingly bright, Stream flowing robins singing, The beauty of being here, Tree limbs gently moving up down, Iron fern morning dew dampness, A black bear witness’s time go by,  Trees like totem poles stand Against bluest sky, Sun on my face, Universe clock ticking down, Night vast starry heavens owl hooting, Last glimpses live ambient, Astral me no more navel Gazing, Falcon feather floats down “Time has come today”, Geological deep truths mountains, Spring snow storm blowing, Mountain lion came to visit, Lute music In outer space, Ringing bells seeds of light touching, Ocean waves eagle circling over pine trees,  “Everybody is an artist. “ Joseph Beuy, Magic mushrooms shall Guide the planet, Christ world in space time, Stars open cosmic Mind, Connection luminous colors around me echo, Seeds to plant today, Heavy rains storm wind Picking up, Chimes sounds ascendant beings, Ethereal code dream time, Doe walking on ice, Wish I had no ego I’ll work on it, Awakening universe unusual planets.