NSF Advances in Biological Informatics grant to Maga lab to develop 3D morphometrics toolkit for 3D Slicer

We (along with UW Friday Harbor Lab and Duke University colleagues) are recently awarded a NSF ABI Grant to develop an integrated toolkit to retrieve, visualize and analyze 3D specimens within open-source 3D Slicer visualization and image analysis software.

With the addition of new functionalities, biologists will be available to do all image clean up and processing, visualization, data capture and basic landmark-based shape analysis of their 3D data within 3D-Slicer. It will also have a functionality to query and retrieve imagery from the 3D specimen repository Morphosource.org.

Grant will also allow us to offer NSF-sponsored intense, short summer workshops in 3D image analytics and morphometrics at the UW Friday Harbor Lab that will focus on the toolkit.

Stay tuned for future updates!

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