Research Interests

Redox BiologyMitochondrial Redox Biology

Mitochondrial Free Radical Theory of Aging not adequate to explain effects of age and reversal of dysfunction. The focus on oxidative damage and free radical scavenging in the analysis of the Mitochondria Free Radical Theory of Aging (MFRTA) is not adequate to test the role of oxidative stress in aging.

Healthcare Costs

Skeletal Muscle Aging

Improving skeletal muscle function with age would have a significant impact on quality of life in the elderly. Sarcopenia is the age-related loss of muscle contractility as well as muscle atrophy. This loss of both quality and quantity of muscle is an important public health concern due to its role in increased morbidity and nursing home placement.

Mitochondria and Xenobiotics

Mitochondrial function are involved in the toxicity of many xenobiotic compounds (A chemical compounds foreign to a living organism). We are increasingly exposed to a variety of xenobiotic compounds such as drugs, environmental pollutants, and even naturally produced toxins. The toxicity of many of these compounds involves either direct or secondary effects on mitochondrial function.