About the MMRC

The University of Washington’s Microbial Metabolomics Research Center (UW-MMRC) is a metabolomics and proteomics facility whose mission is to advance metabolomics technologies and apply these technologies to significant ecological problems. The MMRC performs experiments and analyses motivated by MMRC members, and it collaborates on projects with the larger UW community.

The MMRC is operated as a Cost Center through which institutional users (academic, non-profit and corporate) contribute to the upkeep of the resource by means of a recharge system. Rates are based on the operating costs and individual instrument usage. All rates are reviewed and approved by the University of Washington Administration and are subject to change.

The MMRC is located at the south end of UW’s main campus in the Ocean Sciences Building.  The MMRC provides access to state of the art instrumentation and computational support for members and their collaborators. The MMRC is governed by an Advisory Group that is currently composed of Anitra Ingalls, Rick Keil, Carrie Harwood, Bob Morris, Mary Lidstrom and David Stahl.  The web sites of these researchers can be accessed here.