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June 14, 2019

The MSDS Program: Year in Review

The end of the 2018-2019 academic year marks a threshold and invites a pause for reflection. It’s a great time to take stock of the year behind and look ahead. It was an exciting year for the MSDS program! We received the largest number of applicants in our history, enrolled the biggest cohort to date,…

December 21, 2018

It’s Almost Time to Apply!

Believe it or not – 2019 is almost here! This means that the January 18th deadline to apply to the M.S. in Data Science program is just around the corner. Many of you will spend the next few weeks working on your applications. Because we know that writing admissions essays is not the most exciting way…

December 19, 2018

Application Advice Part 5 – Transcripts

One of the questions we hear most often from applicants has to do with what the admissions committee wants to see on your transcripts. Which aspects are the most important? How are they evaluated? Your transcripts are a rich source of information. This is one of the reasons why they are so important in the…

October 29, 2018

Application Advice Part 4 – The Essays

Most graduate school applicants will agree – writing application essays is the most difficult and stressful part. While writing your essays may seem daunting, this is your chance to differentiate yourself from other applicants with comparable qualifications. It is likely that dozens of applicants, if not more, have academic records and professional backgrounds that are…

October 22, 2018

Application Advice Part 3 – Resume

Your resume is your best chance to highlight your major academic and professional accomplishments in one place. To help you showcase your strengths, consider these tips on what to include in your resume and how to organize it: Your resume should be focused. The admissions committee reviews hundreds of applications each year. The resumes that…

October 16, 2018

Application Advice Part 2 – Prerequisites

We get asked all the time – “Why are there so many prerequisite courses?” The short answer is that students need to have a strong quantitative and technical foundation to succeed in the M.S. in Data Science program. Our curriculum is rigorous, and the fast-paced classes assume you have a strong math background which includes…

October 2, 2018

2018-2019 Countdown to the Application Deadline

The January 18, 2019 deadline to submit your application to the M.S. in Data Science program is quickly approaching. As the deadline gets closer, the admissions staff will post advice on steps you can take to strengthen your application. Application Advice Part 1 – Letters of Recommendation We pride ourselves on the intimate cohort experience…

September 18, 2018

How do we review your application for admission to the program?

Our main goal is to identify applicants who are extremely well-prepared for academic and professional success in data science. To that end, we use a holistic review process to evaluate factors that we know have a bearing on success, including academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, technical and quantitative abilities, leadership, communication skills, creativity, and critical thinking….

September 10, 2018

Fall 2019 Application Now Open!

For those of you eager to get a head start on your application to the M.S. in Data Science program, we are pleased to announce that the application for fall 2019 entry is now open! To help you get started, check out the updated Admissions Requirements on our website. Identifying applicants well prepared for academic…