First Fridays Workshop for Graduate Students @ the Center for Teaching & Learning

Friday, May 3rd
12:30-1:30pm in Gerberding Hall Suite 100

Finding Opportunities to Teach and Practice Teaching

Are you interested in teaching? Come discover how you can find opportunities to get teaching experience during Graduate School. We will explore opportunities on and off campus with a multi-disciplinary panel of graduate students who will share their experiences and campus resources.

Workshop facilitated by:

  • Caroline Pew, a pre-doctoral student and TA in the Earth and Space Sciences Department.
  • Simina Popa, a pre-doctoral student and TA in the Molecular and Cellular Biology Program.
  • Ana Pastor, an MA student in Hispanic Studies, Ana teaches Spanish and has conducted   workshops in Creative Writing and Theatre.


Mark your calendarsPlease join us for an end of the year celebration on the Friday, June 7th 12:30-1:30.

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