Nina Isoherranen
Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics, UW
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Current graduate students:

Samuel L.M. Arnold
Sam’s thesis project is  on characterization of retinoic acid metabolism in the testes.

Jennifer Sager
Jenny is working on characterization of CYP2B6 activity during human pregnancy. Her thesis work also includes predictions and simulation of complex drug-drug interactions involving inhibitory metabolites.

Jing Jing
Jing’s work focuses on CYP26 biochemistry and retinoic acid metabolism by CYP26 enzymes

Current post docs:

Mariko Nakano
Mariko is an FDA Orise fellow working on characterization of inhibitory drug-drug interactions with main focus on CYP2D6 probe drugs and strong inhibitors.

PharmD students in the lab:

Huong Le, Lauren Price and Weize Huang are three UW PharmD students who are currently conducting research in the lab. Their projects focus on drug metabolism and disposition during pregnancy and on development of novel CYP26 inhibitors.

Lab Alumni:

Past graduate students:

Ariel Topletz

Ariel’s thesis  was entitled “The Relative Importance of CYP26A1 and CYP26B1 in Mediating Retinoid Homeostasis: Studies on the Formation, Elimination and Biological Activity of All-trans-Retinoic Acid Metabolites”. Ariel is now a post doctiral fellow at Brown University Department of Infectious Diseases

Justin D Lutz

Justin Thesis work focused on prediction and characterization of complex drug-drug interactions with a special focus on role of inhibitory metabolites. Justin is currently Reasearch Investigator at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Princeton New Jersey.

Jayne Thatcher

Jayne’s thesis was entitled “Characterization of the retinoic acid hydroxylases CYP26A1 and CYP26B1: catalytic activity, tissue expression, and ligand selectivity” Jayne is working as a Forensic Toxicologist at Richmond VA.

Alysa Walker

Alyss thesis focused on changes in Cytochrome P450 activity and expression during pregnancy.After graduation Alysa joined Johnson & Johnson  as a post doctoral fellow.

Former post docs:

Cara H Nelson

Chi-Chi Peng
Leslie Dickmann
Jacob A Shimshoni
Vaishali Dixit

Other past contributors:

Past UW PharmD students who have done research in the Isolab include Anthony Visone, Ciprian “Chip” Pascu, Demitri Kollias and Mariska Audriani

We have had several visiting scientists spend time in the lab in the past. Priscila De Freitas Lima was a visiting graduate student from Ribeirão Preto, Brazil with expertise in epilepsy and drug-drug interactions with antiepitleptic drugs. Yasushi Fujioka was a visiting scientist in the lab for  year from Takeda, Japan working on predictions of inhibitory drug-drug interactions. Yoshiyuki Shirasaka was a visiting scientist in the lab for over a year working on  drug drug-ineteraction predictions.