1st day Instructions

Hi Interns, here are your instructions for the first day, which is coming up fast…

Tuesday July 5th – arrive in the lobby of the Ocean Sciences Building on the UW – Seattle campus at 9am.

1492 NE Boat Street, Seattle WA 98195

(google maps here)

If you are running late, text Rick at 206 259 1645 just to let us know.  Same if you get lost on campus – we will come find you.   If you are early, come on up to the 5th floor and find us in room 517 or thereabouts.

There is a great deal of construction around our building.  If you are getting dropped off, the best drop-off location is the corner of Brooklyn and Boat, before you hit the construction (see the google map link above).  If you are going to try and park in the u-district, good luck!  The best spots for 1-hour parking are along Boat street to the west of our building.  The best free parking is near the John Stanford School, about 1/2 mile to the west of us.  Park on the street there and walk.

DRESS CODE:  The first day will be casual but beginning on the days when you go into the lab, you will need to cover your legs (it is a safety thing).  We have lockers you can use if you bring clothes to change into.  Rick walks to UW and usually changes from shorts and a t-shirt into slacks and a different shirt.  Lots of students bring sweat pants to wear in the lab.  No worries though, just dress casual and avoid offensive t-shirts and other obvious mishaps.  Close-toed shoes are mandatory – no sandals or flip-flops in the labs.

WHAT TO EXPECT THE FIRST DAY:  There will be some mandatory safety and etiquette overviews, a ‘test’ of safety in the labs, and we will get a tour of the department.  You will have all been pre-divided into different research projects based on your applications.  You’ll get to meet your mentors and learn about all the different projects.  The real work starts Wednesday.

Bring money for lunch (or pack a lunch).  Most of us pack a lunch, and there is a microwave and coke machine. If you want to buy food there are lots of options near us and the average price for a lunch is probably about $10.

Your stipend will be dispensed in one lump sum after the internship is over, and will be prorated if you have to miss several days.