Student Web Services V3 Release

SWS V3 is now available on our production web server and we plan on deprecating V2 within the next couple of weeks. Since Catalyst is our only client using our V2 production web service we are expecting little to no impact to anyone else.

SWS client docs are available here. Below is a quick summary of V3:

SWS V3 Public Resources
We now have public APIs which require no client authentication. The resources have been designed with the Office of the Registrar to ensure that the data is safe for public consumption. The following public resources are available:

Course Search
Section Search

The public resource can be accessed like in these examples below.


Section Search:

NOTE: Due to network configurations,, is currently unavailable outside the UW network. This is currently being addressed and we plan on having our end point available outside of the UW network shortly after 6/15.

SWS V3 Updated Resources
The resources below have been updated including a new attribute to the section resource called the Class Website Url.


Please continue to log and vote for feature requests on UserVoice. Please subscribe to mailman list ( for future notification of production changes to SWS.