An iPhone Web Application using Student Web Services

A few students (Braxton Ehle, Chris Zrout, and William Briere) from the iSchool has created a cool new iPhone web application using the student web services as part of their course work.

You can access the application here

The students contacted the SWS team while working on their project to programmatically access public UW course data in a fast and easy way. When they completed their project we were happy to see such fast and creative innovation built on top of the SWS.

Here is the list of features from their own words.

Search for and view information on classes

  • Including Course description, professor, time, class meetings, and location

Add classes to your “schedule”

  • From your schedule page you can view the days of the week the class meets, time, professor, building, and room#
  • You can also register the class

Map your classes in Google Maps

  • View your classes by day in Google Maps

View the UW RSS News feed

“It’s designed around webkit and safari in mind, so it’s best viewed in either safari or an iPod Touch or iPhone.”

Braxton, Chris, and William plan on finalizing their project and adding more features in the near future to help UW students – get mobile! I also heard from their instructor that they did a “great job” with the app and liked how they tailored the project to help solve a practical need.

Good work!