IdCard Photo Service Gets an EARful

The Idcard Photo service has a new client!

Photos are now available in the Electronic Academic Records System (EARS). This means that advisors and administrators who are working with students can see photos along with academic records.

The advisers are thrilled and, according to Patricia Greer of the Student Team, calling the photo service from her application was easy.

Other Clients Coming on Board Soon

The College of Education is in the process of adding photos to the STEP advisors application and Catalyst Tools will soon be adding photos to GoPost.

Interested in Getting Access?

The registrar’s office has determined that access to the photos will be governed by the same Memorandum of Understanding that covers access to the Student Web Service data. If you have signed the MOU, contact Matt Winslow to get your application’s certificate authorized.

New Version Coming Soon

A new version that will allow clients to request custom sizes is in the works and will be released soon.