What should go into the UW Web Services Registry?

In a recent ROA Technical team meeting we discussed as a team what things should and should NOT go into the Registry. The intention is to expand the scope of the Registry to list all useful programmatic web end points including RSS & ATOM feeds vs just focusing on web services designed and built by UW developers. The goal for the Registry is to be the first stop for developers needing programmatic access to UW data over the web. Let us know if you think there are other things we should add or remove from the list.

What should go into the Registry?

  • Something that is accessible over the web (in other words uses http)
  • Contains UW data
  • The content is machine parseable (json,xml,xhtml)

What should NOT go into the Registry?

  • Oren’s Blog (RSS/Atom feed)
  • A link to an HTML page that is NOT XHTML strict