Repost: New Student Web Service Enrollment resource enables better data for developers, advisers


The following entry was published on the Office of the University Registrar’s blog earlier this week. It’s relevant to On the ROA readers, so it’s reposted here for convenience.

Early this month, the Office of Information Management (OIM) released to the University community a new component to its Student Web Services (SWS): the Enrollment resource. This new data set allows campus developers following a strict security policy access students’ transcript data for improved tools for faculty and staff.

The College of Education had been an early tester of the service and therefore has already updated one of its web applications to leverage the Enrollment resource. Student Tracking of Educational Progress (STEP) is an advising application that combines University-level data (including the new Enrollment resource) with College-level data into one unified tool.

The Student Web Service provides an ideal resource to bring in university data. It simplifies the process by allowing our web application to connect directly to the data source, eliminating an ETL process [Extract, transform, and load]. The direct connection means we can provide more up-to-date information in our local web application.

~ Paul Hanisko, College of Education

Both the Grad School and Computer Science and Engineering have committed to building applications the rely on the resource.

Getting access to this FERPA-protected student data requires signing the SWS Access Agreement and obtaining and installing an X509 browser certificate. Any web application using the Enrollment resource must also undergo a code-security review prior to launch.

The Enrollment resource builds upon a foundation of the existing SWS resources, such as curriculum, course, and section data. For this reason, developers who obtain access to the Enrollment resource should find its structure familiar and be able to easily use the data it provides.

The availability of this enrollment data, long requested by members of the University developer community, is a result of the hard work by many people. The Office of the University Registrar would like to thank those who worked with them to make it possible, including everyone on the SWS and Student Database teams at OIM, the College of Education, the Graduate School, and Computer Science and Engineering.