Web Service Discussion Group Ignites This Thursday!

You liked the last Ignite Web Services! session so much, we decided to do it again.

What: Ignite-style presentations from UW people using Web services – 5 minutes and 20 slides each! We also decided to mix it up a bit. Each presentation will be followed by a 5 minute Q&A period.

When: Thursday, May 20 from 3-5pm.

Where: Odegaard Undergraduate Library, Room 220


1) Access Agreement Service
-Rupert Berk, UWIT Information Management

2) Let Them Eat Data: Unlocking Room Availability Information
-Scott Bush, Office of the Registrar

3) SQLShare: Query Services for Ad Hoc Research Data
-Garret Cole & Bill Howe, eScience Institute

4) A New Source for the Person Registry: Math Placement Testers
-Trevor Leffler, Office of Educational Assessment

5) YARN: Yet Another REST Narration
-Patrick Michaud, UWIT Learning & Scholarly Technologies

6) Just Can’t Decide? There’s a Web Service for That!
-Scott Stephenson, UWIT Information Management

Web services discussion group info

We meet once per quarter, from 3:00-5:00 PM in Odegaard Undergraduate Library, room 220. Our meetings will begin again in Fall Quarter.

To discuss Web services of all flavors, please email questions, suggestions, challenges, etc. to: appdev@u.washington.edu

Our Web service blog is located at: http://depts.washington.edu/ontheroa/

The UW Web services Registry is located at:

And finally, don’t forget a free service available to the UW developer community–Web Service Design Reviews. If you are designing, developing, or integrating a Web service and would like some help, call on us! More information is available here:

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