Introducing the new and improved UW Web Services Registry – now UW Web Services Portal

I am proudly announcing another incredible cross-departmental coding collaboration that resulted in an upgrade to our UW Web Services Registry (now a portal).

Team members:

  • Chris Heiland (UW Marketing)
  • Kilian Frey (UW Marketing)
  • Andrew S. McHarg (UWIT Network Tools)
  • Nick Chen (UWIT Network Tools)
  • Tony Chang (UWIT Application Integration Services)

After a one week (5 day) sprint, meaning we found a place to work face to face for one week with little to no interruptions, we were able to make the following changes:

1. New Developers – We got two new developers ramped up to help develop and support future updates to the UW Web Services Portal.

2. Amazon Web Services EC2 Micro Instances The UW Web Services Portal is currently running on an EC2 micro instance saving the UW about $50 per month and supporting a critical piece of the UW Web Service infrastructure for only about $17 per month.

3. New portal and registry design We now only have to give out ONE url to tell people about web services. Big thanks again to UW Marketing for helping our initiative with much needed UX help.

4. AWS EC2 SnapRest automation A tool that provisions a new test or production instance directly from our running production instance in only 5 minutes by running one command line. This is key for disaster recovery and cost reduction related to server provisioning. Chris writes up a blog on this innovative work.

5. Auto-complete Service Search A search text box has been added with the capability to search and filter services using an auto-complete design.

6. Upcoming Services Now you can add services to the Registry that are not yet in production and tell everyone that its coming soon.

7. UserVoice Integration We have integrated UserVoice feedback data into our site by using their RESTful APIs to correlate suggestions/feedback to and from our Portal for specific services.

8. Twitter We integrated our Portal with twitter, using their RESTful APIs, so that we can talk about web services as a community using tweets. Just hit up twitter hashtag #uwweb.

9. Blog RSS We integrated our OnTheROA blog into our Registry via RSS feeds, yes you can consider it another RESTful API.

10. Proven cross-department collaboration We have proven yet again that people from diverse UW teams, across organizational boundaries, can work efficiently and collaboratively in quick order to provide real value to the UW. Oh by the way and have FUN doing so!

You can read in detail about all the hard work here:

You can also get a list of all our GitHub code checkins here: