Monthly Archives: March 2012

UW Web Login support available for Business Web Services

You can now be authorized to use your UW NetID and password to login to UW Business Web Services that have enabled this feature. So far, the only service to offer this feature is the Student Web Service (also requires Entrust Token for two-factor security), but it can be enabled for the other services such as PWS, FWS, or HRP if there is interest. This Web Login support will be enabled for the forthcoming SpaceWS service.

Web Login support is particularly helpful for developers who want to browse the service without an X509 certificate installed in their browser. X509 certificates are still required for programmatic access.

Additions to Section search, Term and Section resources in SWS

A new SWS release last month has added an additional search capability to the Section and a couple of new attributes to the Term and Section resources. Section search now supports requests without the quarter parameter and returns a list of all the sections that a course has been offered. TimeSchedulePublished and TimeScheduleLinkAbbreviation have been addeded to the Term and Section resources respectively. More information is available on the SWS client wiki.