Monthly Archives: May 2012

FWS has been Updated!

Way back in early April we released an update to the Financial Web Service and I volunteered to blog about it. Several reminders later, head hanging in shame, I’m finally getting it done.

We made some exciting additions to the web service. There are new resources for Biennium and Biennium Search. You can search for bienniums (that’s correct, btw, I looked it up, so there) or call biennium/current, biennium/next, or biennium/previous to get the current, next, or previous biennium.

There are new resources for the Account based information in FIN:

  1. Fund
  2. Fund Search
  3. General Ledger Account
  4. General Ledger Account Search
  5. Revenue
  6. Revenue Search
  7. Expenditure
  8. Expenditure Search
  9. Account Search (which returns links to Fund, General Ledger Account, Revenue, and Expenditure resources)

The new resources are all available in xml, json, or xhtml.

We also did a few bug fixes and some more of the enhancements that you requested. For instance, we increased the maximum size of a search result set from 200 to 500.

Since the changes were all additions rather than modifications of existing elements, we kept the major version at v1.

Next time I pledge to blog sooner!