SWS 2014 Release Plan

We wanted to give you a heads-up on some changes coming for SWS in 2014.

We are currently developing an exciting new Web API infrastructure based on Elasticsearch to deliver fast and low-latency student data. When we release this new infrastructure, targeted for late December, you will see fast, fresh responses from the section, registration, enrollment, and course resources.

In the meantime, there are various API changes we need to make in order to help get us there. These changes, summarized below, will reduce code debt and allow us to release faster.

June 3

v5.0 in evaluation environment, ready for testing. Documentation made available.

June 24

  • v5.0 released
    • New data: notices, enrollment minors, person finance
    • Xhtml contracts will change; Xhtml is no longer supported as an API in v5 (except grade roster), but will be available for browser use; applications encouraged to migrate to v5 JSON, though XML is supported.
    • No more ‘public’ resources; all access requires some kind of access token e.g. X509 certificate. We have decided to require an access token for all users so that we can better track usage and better communicate service changes.
    • A handful of other minor contract breaking changes. Mostly, we are making some of the data types more consistent across resources.
  • v4 deprecated, to be retired in December.
  • v3 retired (there are no longer any users)

Late December (Target)

  • v5 “ES” released
    • No API contract breaking changes
    • Elasticsearch search index integration for fast query for section, course, enrollment, and registration resources
    • EOS non-credit course data integration
  • v4 retired

As always, please contact us if you have questions, concerns, or ideas.