Monthly Archives: March 2017

SWS v5.4.1 Released 01/25/2017

Hello SWS Users,
The SWS team has completed a number of new features that have now been deployed to production.

  • Name Search and Display
    The SWS team recently integrated the UW Preferred name into all resources within the SWS. Real world usage has enumerated the need for additional capabilities to be integrated to allow more directed usage of Preferred or Registered name based on use cases of downstream business systems.
  • Search
    For those systems who utilize SWS for student searching, both the Legal and Preferred name will now be targeted for search by default.  Use of the named_search_source query parameter may be added to target specific name types for searching. Using the values of ‘registered’ or ‘preferred’ will target specific name types. The default being to search both simultaneously.
  • Display
    For those systems who utilize SWS to display name values. By default the value that is displayed is a roll-up of Preferred or Registered name.  Use of the name name_display_source query parameter may be added to the SWS Person search to allow a downstream system to selectively use one name value or another. By default the ‘Display’ source is used. However the ability to use ‘display‘ or ‘registered‘ can be used discretely to change the default behavior to use registered over display.  It is the policy to use Preferred/Display in all cases unless needed for legal or conflicting policy requirements.
  • Online Learning Type
    A new field ‘OnlineLearningType’ has been added to the Section resource. This field will be used by the underlying SDB system to indicate the type of online learning offered. The field is currently being populated and will not be indicated for all sections.
  • Section Search by Building and Room
    A new search capability has been added to the Section Search resource. The ability to search by Building and Room have been added. Systems can request access to the Space Web Service for additional information about a specific location.
  • Section Search by SLN
    A late breaking addition to the 5.4.1 release. A new search capability has been added to the Section Search resource. Search by SLN within a given Year and Quarter is now available.


IDCardWS Release v1.2.3 on 03/01/2017

IDCard Web Service v1.2.3 was released on 03/01/2017 with the following changes:

  • Card Search Resource – The Card resource represents a UW Husky Card identity.  The RegID of the card holder is returned in the results of the search. If a card is found but is not active and no other active cards exist for the user a 410 error will be returned; if another active card is available a 302 moved will be given and the request will be redirected to the active card returning the RegID. See the client documentation here for more details.

Since the changes were all additions rather than modifications of existing elements, we kept the major version at v1.