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Additions to Section search, Term and Section resources in SWS

A new SWS release last month has added an additional search capability to the Section and a couple of new attributes to the Term and Section resources. Section search now supports requests without the quarter parameter and returns a list of all the sections that a course has been offered. TimeSchedulePublished and TimeScheduleLinkAbbreviation have been addeded to the Term and Section resources respectively. More information is available on the SWS client wiki.

New PUT Capability in FWS

FWS has been updated to enable PUT’s on the vendor resource. The primary driver for this effort is the Supplier Registration Form (SuRF) Phase II project. When a new vendor registers, SuRF talks to PAS through FWS in real time and persists the data in PAS. This is a big milestone as it is the first introduction of PUT capability in FWS.

Update to HRP Web Service

An update to HRP Web Service has been released this morning. It includes new resources, appointee and appointee search resources, and provides a way to find the folks at UW and their appointments and distributions. This update continues to use the existing version number, v1, and adds support for xml/json format. More information on the available resources and how to get access is available on the client wiki. Please feel free to send us your feedback on uservoice.

HRP Web Service v1 launched… in October

Human Resource and Payroll (HRP) web service has been in production for quite some time now. It offers job class and search resources and requires a x.509 certificate for access. For more information, please refer to the documentation here.

There is another wave of design effort underway to provide the appointment and employee related resources. When this phase is complete, it should also provide the payload in xml/json formats.

Person Web Service v1.0 Launched

Person Web Service (PWS) v1 is live in production. The joint collaboration between AIS and IAM in UWIT has produced a tool to offer an authoritative set of web-based resources for the UW person data.

The current API provides read access to the PDS (Person Directory Service) data, and exposes person and entity resources including search capabilities. Entities are data objects that hold UW NetIDs (with minor exceptions, like people who haven’t yet created a UW NetID). The vast majority of entities are persons. A person resource reflects a single real-life individual with one or more UW affiliations. Person resources carry data attributes about the person’s affiliation(s) and contact information. Some entities are not persons. Non-person entities include things like Departmental, Shared or Temporary UW NetID accounts, and carry very few attributes.

An entity resource, and therefore a person resource (since persons are a subset of all entities), can be fetched by its primary key, UW RegID, or by UW NetID. Entity searches support queries by name, while Person Searches support queries by name or by additional affiliation-specific identifiers.

More detailed documentation about the service, resources and sample .NET client code can be found on our support wiki here. It also explains how to get access to PWS. For further information please feel free to contact