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What is ROA (Resource Oriented Architecture)?


Since this blog launched last week I received a couple questions asking us “What is ROA?”. Since this blog is named “On the ROA” it seemed necessary to answer that question!

So what is ROA?

“Resources Oriented Architecture is a way of turning a problem into a Restful web service: an arrangement of URIs, HTTP, and XML that works like the rest of the Web, and that programmers will enjoy using.” – Restful Web Services (Leonard Richardson, Sam Ruby)

Our answer is that Resources Oriented Architecture (ROA) is an overall system design that embraces RESTful design philosophy. It has a lot of overlap with Services Oriented Architecture (decentralization and small interoperating services) but it means that instead of treating our functionality and data as service calls; we treat them as resources in the RESTful sense.

In the early days of grappling with web services here at the UW many of us working in various IT departments investigated SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). During this investigation we were introduced to Pete Lacey, who introduced us to Restful web services. This led to a SOA workshop which many developers and technologists on campus attended. The idea of building Restful web services vs building SOAP web services on campus seemed to take hold probably because of the heterogeneous nature of computing here at the UW. The need to be technology agnostic in our approach to deliver data and automate processes seems to make a lot of sense in order to ensure all parts of the UW can take part in leveraging information services. In addition, the REST (Representational State Transfer) approach to constructing web services allows a very simple interface between systems (services and clients), and it scales well.

Following the Restful path, we soon discovered that there was a term that was being used to describe an architecture based on Restful design practices: Resource Oriented Architecture.

With that said, the bottom line is that the UW has a lot of information that people and applications need to access in order to keep the UW well positioned for the future. That information needs to have a low barrier for access and at the same time be safely accessible. We believe that planning our data access needs for the future using ROA and building web services based on a Restful design is one way that can help us meet this need.