How I Help Researchers Work Openly: Verletta Kern

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Verletta Kern
Digital Scholarship Librarian

Spotlight on:  Digital Scholarship

How can you help researchers who want to work openly?
As Digital Scholarship Librarian, I help students and faculty connect with resources on-campus to realize their project goals. This is especially helpful for students and faculty who are using technology to ask new questions in new ways in this emerging field.  Digital scholarship allows researchers to share their work with broader audiences,and I’m delighted to help researchers gain the skills and means to share their work for the public good.

When should researchers get in contact with you?
I’d love to talk with researchers at the beginning of their project to discuss their project goals and to think about how they might most efficiently achieve those goals.  That said, I’m happy to work with researchers at any stage of their project!

My role is to help researchers navigate the lifecycle of their digital project and to connect them both to people within the Libraries and with external partners, including the Simpson Center for the Humanities, the eScience Institute, and Learning Technologies.

My colleague Beth Lytle, Instructional Technologist with UW Learning Technologies, offer weekly office hours in the Research Commons to help researchers with their digital projects.  Together we have assisted in navigating copyright questions, offered guidance on how to describe materials so that an audience can find a project quickly, how to create non-proprietary file formats to ensure project longevity, options for storage, and decisions to consider when thinking about what platforms might be used to host your project.  

About Verletta
I spent the first 13 years of my career as a music librarian and recently transitioned full-time into the position of Digital Scholarship Librarian in July of 2017.  I love talking about research projects and possibilities with faculty and students and am passionate about making research available to everyone regardless of academic affiliations, socioeconomic status, etc.  I hold a Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Masters in Music from the University of Redlands.

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