How I Help Researchers Work Openly: Liz Bedford

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Liz Bedford
Scholarly Publishing Outreach Librarian

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How can you help researchers who want to work openly?
I can support authors who are interested in making sure their work has as broad an audience as possible, particularly if they’d like to bring their work out from behind a paywall with Open Access publishing. I can help them think through their OA options, guide them in conversations with their editors about keeping as much copyright as possible, and point them towards sharing platforms for their data. OA publishing does NOT have to be expensive – in my opinion, cost should never be a barrier to either the reader or the author.

When should researchers get in contact with you?
It’s never too early to start thinking about where and how you share your work! But I can have the most impact if researchers come to me as they are pulling together their projects into publications they’d like to submit to journals, before they’ve signed any publishing agreements.

What’s one project you’re currently excited about?
The Faculty Senate is currently considering adopting an Open Access Policy, which would be a huge step forward for our campus. The OA Policy would give authors a legal mechanism to keep control over their intellectual property, rather than automatically signing it over to a publisher. The Association of Librarians at the University of Washington (ALUW) was inspired by this conversation to adopt our own OA Policy this Summer!

About Liz
My job is to support and enable the scholarly conversation, both for current participants and future generations. This means helping researchers find appropriate platforms for their work, ideally ones that allow as many people to engage with the material as possible.

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